It’s Out!

The first Gender Lens Primer for College and University Endowments has been published by Intentional Endowments Network. League of Allies was a contributing author to this powerful and important work, which was overseen by Suzanne Biegel/Catalyst at Large.

“The 2018 US SIF survey cites that the most prevalent social issue considered by educational institutions after conflict risk is equal opportunity and diversity, affecting $109 billion AUM, an 849% increase since 2016.

We believe it is in endowments’ fiduciary responsibilities, given GLI performance and risk mitigation impacts, to integrate GLI criteria into their portfolio selection processes.

If you have any connections to a higher-ed endowment, please let us know as we are currently developing plans to present the primer.

A massive shout out to all who were involved in this effort, especially the lead author, Julia Enyart of Glenmeade, and of additional note, Andrea Dalton of Revelio, and Natasha Lamb of Arjuna.

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Spring is on its way!