Hello League-Ally!

Happy (Belated!) New Year from League of Allies! Sorry for the delay… We have been feverishly busy working on some very cool deals we will be able to publicly announce very soon! So.. to quickly catch you up…

In Q4, 2018, we..

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Presented versions of our management team/Board presentation of “Women Are THE Competitive Advantage” at two conferences, with excellent feedback. An overview of the structure and psychology behind the presentation––created for male execs by male execs––with results can be accessed here. Want to call out our intrepid Partner, Aubrey Bates, for her assistance in setting these up!

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Attended the first global Gender Smart Investing Summit in London as a “conversation starter.” 42 countries were represented. An amazing, inspiring, and connecting event, replete with poetry readings, cello, and song! Our pleasure at being invited is only exceeded by the relationships we made and the knowledge we acquired. We have since joined a post-summit tool committee (per our Helix diagnostic/due diligence tool) that is putting together a searchable database of Gender Lens tools for a variety of applications. More on this exciting initiative as things come together.

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Attended The 30% Coalition’s Annual Event. We are a sponsor and were so impressed by the content of the event––the woman who pushed California’s Women on Boards legislation through to signature gave a harrowing account of its serpentine path––and of course, the other attendees! We also heard some encouraging words from the SEC Commissioner Robert Jackson Jr. regarding the $3 trillion AUM Human Capital Management Coalition’s petition to the SEC for relevant data to be disclosed. The League has commented on this petition.

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Attended Linkage’s Annual Women’s Leadership Institute Event in Phoenix. 900 awesome women leaders attended… and roared!!  Powerful presentations and workshop content framed around the roll out of a game-changing book, Mastering Your Inner Critic, by the game-changing Susan Brady. Cannot thank the leadership at Linkage enough for the invite.

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With our rockin’ Partner Genderversity, we delivered our Bias and Boundaries workshop to a leading global financial software provider, in-person at two locations, and distributed to employees from Brazil to London to Japan and Australia, with simply splendid feedback! Looking forward to much, much more with these women.

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After serving on an online panel regarding Gender Lens Investing sponsored by the Intentional Endowment Network, we joined an effort to create a Gender Lens primer for college and university endowments (also supported by IEN) to make them aware of the favorable risk/return profiles of gender-influenced investments. Aside from aligning their investment strategy with their institution’s mission statement, the data for equal/better returns with equal to lower risk is compelling.

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And, we served on a Gender & Diversity Panel at Skytop Strategy’s “21st Century Corporation” conference in New York City.

Finally, per our introductory mail and in the spirit of “It’s All Life”, our recipe for a winter favorite: Chocolate Jalapeno Cinnamon Chili! Enjoy!