Diagnostics/Due Diligence

Having issues attracting and retaining inclusive talent?

Are your shareholders interested in understanding your D&I practices?

Are you looking to understand the potential D&I risks of an investment or placement?

Need a prioritized roadmap of next steps, based on potential financial impacts?

The Helix is a Gender/Inclusive Lens data collection, assessment, and certification tool, based on a proprietary algorithm, that typically includes leadership interviews. It draws on our experiences of running M&A and private equity due diligence projects and People organizations.

Helixes have been configured for specific applications that range from the needs of operating companies of all sizes and stages of growth, to Alternative Investors, to reviews of GPs/Asset Managers for Asset Owner and platform considerations.  

They deliver:

  • A roadmap of suggested improvements prioritized by industry research and personal experiences

  • Workforce, with gender/diverse community breakdowns, perceptions and insights regarding key policies and protocols

  • Insights into executives––individually and as a team––with topical observations

  • An overall numerical value that can be used for internal and external benchmarking, due diligence, and can make the firm eligible for a League Certification and Seal of Inclusion

Our Current Helix Offerings

The Double Helix: Our most comprehensive offering. Molded for mature or PE portfolio companies who want to leverage best practices to boost their valuation and/or establish a baseline

The Growth Helix: A scaled-down version of the Double, configured for the specific needs, scale, and budgets of start-ups and rapidly growing firms, including PE portfolio companies depending on their level of maturity

The Single Helix: Has been crafted to directly address three key issues as part of transactional due diligence and/or post-transaction implementation: Management, how to accelerate gender diversity by focusing on the Human Capital Pipeline, and mitigating gender-related Controversy Risks

The GP Helix: Draws on distinct aspects of the Helix to assess relative internal gender dynamics and can include a review of high-level ESG elements as well. Designed to build and augment relations with LPs

The Asset Management Helix: Focuses the process on top-of-mind inclusion and sustainability-related screens. Conceived to support the attraction and retention of HNW, Family Office, and Institutional clients who are looking for both socially responsible management and returns


A Word on Transactional Due Diligence: Don't Take Our Word For It

Per firms such as Morgan Stanley and SASB,  gender diversity impacts all factors of valuation, from top to bottom line and cost of capital and, if handled properly, can significantly mitigate gender-related Controversy risks and their impact on Enterprise Value. Think the estimated $20B loss in valuation at Uber (and the recent revoking of their London license as management is not "fit and proper") and the legal, PR, and OPEX impacts of the recent Google suit

Image showing that if management needs replacing, holding periods and equity multiples are optimized if the change happens immediately.

Additionally, studies show that management decisions made when a transaction is closed, lead to shorter holding periods and higher multiples on exit, and reduce the exogenous risks embedded in the need to wait.

Leveraging our 50+ PE strategy due diligence projects, decades of talent assessment, and executive client-side expertise in Human Capital, the League delivers results that can impact valuations both pre-closure and at exit.