Your Life's Work

The League is all about (significantly) improving the workplace, and by extension the homeplace and society in general, which is why we are a Pending B Corp.  If this unadulterated, unstoppable desire is part of your DNA, read on...

You will be asked to both help sell and primarily deliver the business. Delivery includes working with our clients (from start ups to Fortune 50 firms) to generate (factual) data via surveys, interviews, and cross-checking uploads, generate recommendations for improvement, and deliver workshops geared to help our clients increase their scores. You may also be asked to get involved in both external and internal event planning. Higher level positions will be required to run multiple projects and serve as primary client interfaces.  

Management consulting background is a great preparation for this work though it is not necessary. Big plusses are having client management prowess, the ability to work with and analyze difficult data sets, and having exposure to human resources/D&I functions. Understanding the links between talent and corporate performance is also useful. 

Again, this is a start up: you will need to be able to accommodate the mental, and "we need this done" demands this kind of environment entails.  In this context, the MOST important qualifications you will bring are your purpose, passions, values, and dreams. 

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