Seals of Approval

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Why Should I want one?

A League Seal of Approval essentially means "We have the courage to be on the leading edge of equality and inclusion."

At a high-level, Seals will separate you from your competition, in multiple contexts: brand/positioning, talent acquisition, and investment, both retail and institutional. Earning a Seal can also help with internal engagement.


How Do i earn one?

Seals can be earned by going through a Helix process. The respective metal level is determined by how well your company scores against the total number of potential points based on the particular Helix product. Note: your company does not need to apply for a Seal as part of a Helix purchase.


What gives the seals credibility?

Helix criteria have been endorsed by a former CIO of a $165B pension fund, ESG analysts, Simmons Leadership, and the former CHRO of TJX, with contributions from the #1 ranked US management thought-leader/professor

They are difficult to earn, much like a "B Corp" status

Our brand, which we are pushing via conference appearances, PR and Social Media

Endorsements from related, progressive organizations, such as The Mentor Method (More coming soon!)