Tracking Down Talent

Diverse executives

Data reveals both operating company and investor performance is materially enhanced by minimizing dominant culture groupthink. From on-the-ground teams to Boards of Directors, the more diverse the group, the better the results, and reductions of risk.

We offer you our years of experience in retained executive search and our intimate knowledge of acquiring talent of all backgrounds running People organizations as a standalone offering, and as part of larger engagements. From strategies and tactics to searching, we love to provide uniquely representative slates.

Our knowledge of business, geographies, and functions has enabled us to place candidates, many of them with non-dominant backgrounds(*), in positions such as:

  • Director of Leveraged Finance for the NYC HQ of a leading investment bank*

  • CEO and CTO* of a PE funded start-up out of Doha, Qatar

  • President*, Lead Creative*, and Program Manager of a U.S.-based Digital Agency

  • VP, Asian Business Development and SVP of Human Resources for a leading global design firm*

  • Partners, Salespeople*, Project Managers*, and BU heads (Strategy, User Experience, Technology) and Managers* for a global software consultancy

  • VP Technology*, VP Manufacturing, Project Manager*, and QA Tester for a leading U.S. technology provider

  • 12 Software and User Experience Developers in the Caribbean in three months*

  • 20+ Technology roles for a leading E-commerce firm in six months*

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