Educational Content

Image of laughing and engaged workshop/presentation participants
 ”The data clearly struck a chord with the male attendees who, based on immediate feedback, realized women on teams is a critical success factor and a competitive advantage....
— Executive Sponsor

From our experience, evolving the cultures that drive organizations requires individual mental shifts first. Our educational content has been designed to start by eliciting both intellectual and emotional Awareness and Adoption at the individual level, and then expands this understanding to Advocacy and Ally in an organizational context. 

League of Allies developed a personalized working session for our executive team and really provided a safe forum in which we were able to address difficult issues.
— Mark Haley, President, Smart City Networks

We have different kinds of content: presentations, workshops, and online modules, designed for both mixed and gender-specific audiences. They typically vary in length from 45 to 90 mins, mix video, powerpoint, and other collateral, are interactive between the presenter and audience, and most importantly, generate open conversation within the group.  We prefer to customize them to  incorporate specific situations and nuances and produce deliverables that fit with your overall objectives. 

And the last thing we believe women need to become is more manly. 

We currently offer (and more coming soon):

Stage 2: Adoption (Providing Best Practices)

Carrying The Torch in Your New Environment

What Do I Say? What Do I Do?

We Don’t Know What We Don’t Know: A Unique Perspective on a Normal Day

A New Growth Model

Emotional Stereotypes

Sustaining Gender Equity Allies

How To Be An Effective Male Ally

Stage 1: Awareness (Intellectual and Emotional Connection)

The Future of Capitalism Is Feminine

How Biochemistry and Data Positively WACC Profitability

Breaking Bias

Unconscious, Unintended Bias

The P-Word

The Overlooked Power of Quiet

Performance Anxiety

Just Because You Heard It

Stage 4: Ally (Internal/External Leader and Content Resource)

Be Upstanding:  From Bystander to Ally Part II

The Art and Science of Role Modeling, Mentorship, and Sponsorship

It Is Actually a Very Large World After All

Should I Stay or Should I Go?

Executive Opportunity Mapping 

Creating Value Roadmaps

Going Global: Intersectionality

Changing Fundamentals of Work: Multi-Generational Workforce

Stage 3: Advocate: Furthering Content and Promotional Capabilities

Be Upstanding:  From Bystander to Ally Part I

I2E2: A New Leadership Paradigm

Boldly Going Where Few Have Gone Before: How to Report to a Female Boss

Engagement Optimized Through a Gender Lens

Parenting Tax

Creating the Career Roadmap

Difficult Conversations