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This is THE best content I have ever seen produced on our platform.
— Jeff Weber, SVP, People and Places, Instructure
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Through a novel relationship with Instructure, a leading Learning Management System, League of Allies has created a Program of six, inter-related online Courses. At a high level, they focus on developing cultures of belonging by leveraging inclusive synergy: the superior performance generated when people, of whatever background, can work together on equal and balanced bases.


They have also been created to change the perception, vibe, and interest in what could be considered “mandatory” training, e.g., sexual harassment, unconscious bias, D&I flim-flam, etc. No more formal, legal/”cover our corporate behinds,” and frankly boring drib-drab that people only go through because they have to. This content has been designed so that learners actually enjoy, grow from, connect with, and fundamentally helps them with their careers, and lives. It’s all life!

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Courses integrate text, images, video (which can be interactive and close captioned in multiple languages), downloadable exercises, quizzes of multiple question types with Pass/Fail capabilities, and finish with Key Takeaways and a pdf flyer. Audio files for each page are also available.


We have also designed in-person group sessions to enhance your learner’s emotional connection with the content, which is critical to furthering awareness and adoption. Simultaneous with their delivery, we will also train-your-trainers so you can run these important sessions internally, at your convenience.

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Finally, our Courses can most likely be dropped into your LMS, should you have one and if not, as part of our deal with Instructure, you can leverage Instructure’s capabilities to easily deliver these Courses to your workforce without paying for a platform license. Features include scheduling groups, monitoring progress, tracking performance, refresher tests, etc. You get cutting-edge delivery and analytics for free!

Click here for a one-page flyer with additional details regarding the Program.

We are also open to developing online learning content for your specific needs.

And please let us know if you’d like a free week to kick our tires. We’d love your dents!