League of Allies loves to write: articles, chapters, books, etc.. We are also involved in numerous initiatives to advance gender and inclusive agendas including The Thirty Percent Coalition, Women Leadership Institute's ElevateHer Challenge, the Gender Smart Investing Summit's Tools Committee, Intentional Endowment Network's Gender Lens Primer Initiative, and Boston Women's Workforce Council.



Skytop Strategies Gender in the Boardroom and C-Suite Conference, March 20,Chicago

Lawler sharing one thought regarding how to accelerate the rise of inclusive talent.

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Presenting the McKinsey/Lean In infographic which reveals virtually no progress over the course of time.



March 8: League of Allies contributed to the development of a Gender Lens Investing Primer for College and University Endowments, on behalf of the Intentional Endowments Network and headed up by Catalyst At Large/Suzanne Biegel.

“The 2018 US SIF survey cites that the most prevalent social issue considered by educational institutions after conflict risk is equal opportunity and diversity, affecting $109 billion AUM, an 849% increase since 2016.”

Net sum, we believe endowments have a fiduciary responsibility to integrate GLI criteria into their portfolio decisions.



Gender Equality in C-Suite & Boardroom Conference, March 20, Chicago

Linkage’s Annual Women’s Leadership Institute Conference, where we roared with 900 women leaders!

Gender Smart Investing Summit in London, where we were conversation starters and joined a Gender Lens Investment Tool Workgroup. Please contact us for more details if interested.

The Thirty Percent Coalition’s Annual Event, where we received a favorable update to the SEC Director’s opinions as to the Human Capital Management Coalition’s petition to the SEC to require Human Capital data’s provision to investors as we believe are material to results. LOA has commented on the petition.

Skytop Strategies 21st Century Corporation Conference, where we served on a D&I panel.




The E Ticket

The gripping political thriller that significantly influenced the launch of League of Allies. It has been hailed “a groundswell for the next wave of feminism.”


Responsible Investing: An Introduction to Environmental, Social, and Governance Investments (Routledge)

The first textbook on ESG investing. Lawler Kang contributed a chapter titled “The Future of Capitalism Is Feminine.”